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  • Different Types of Dispense Head

    Which type of keg coupler do I need? There are 5 different types of keg connectors / tap valves available and we have them all in stock. The coupler controls the release of the beer from a keg by attaching to the valve and CO2 line. The type of coupler you need will depend on the product you wish to dispense.


    1. Sankey

    Sankey Sankey Keg Connector

    • Commonly used for draught beer products such as Carlsberg, Fosters, Strongbow, Woodpecker, Marstons, Amstel, John Smiths, Moretti, Brooklyn, Beavertown, Wylam and Anarchy.


    2. KeyKeg

    keykeg Keykeg Coupler

    • Commonly used for draught beer products including Flying Dog, Redchurch and Hitachino.


    3. A Type

    A-type1 A-Type Keg Valve

    • Flex seal
    • Torpedo & Retainer ring
    • Commonly used for products including Guinness, Pimms, Hoegaarden, Camden, West, Timmermans and Fruli.


    4. M Type

    M-type M-System Keg Coupler

    • Flex seal
    • Torpedo NRV
    • Commonly used for draught beer such as Veltins and Schneiderweisse.


    5. G Type (Grundy)

    Grundy G-Type Keg Valve

    • Flex seal
    • Ball & Retainer
    • Commonly used for draught beer products including Budweiser, Thatchers Gold, Becks Vier, Worthington Creamflow, Fullers, Grolsch, Carling, Coors and Brewdog.


    6. D Type (American Sankey)

    D-type D Type System Keg Valve

    • Commonly used for draught beer products including Anchor Steam, Anchor Porter, Anchor Liberty, Goose Island, Founders, Fordham and Dominion.


    If you are unsure what type of keg coupler you need, please email us and we can advise accordingly.

  • Welcome to our new website...

    YEY! Our new website is finally here.

    After 3 years of "we'll get round to that one day", that "one day" has finally arrived!

    Please take a look around, we'll be adding items and packages quite frequently so be sure to add us to your favourites or sign up to our newsletter.

    In the meantime, if you can't find what your looking for, drop us a quick email as chances are we have it in our stock, we just haven't added it to the website yet!



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