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  • Gas Bottles / Cylinders for Beer Dispense

    We are now stocking gas for beer dispense. These gases are used in the dispense of beers, ciders and soft drinks

    A lot of people now have home bars where they can enjoy a lovely draught pint in the comfort of their own home but many are using poor quality or incorrect gas for their products.

    Our Hobbybrew gas bottles are high quality food grade gasses. If you are unsure what gas mix you need, we'll be happy to advise.

    We have 3 x different gas mixes available. 

    CO2 - Carbon Dioxide produces a product with a lively foam and big bubbles. This gas mix is used for lagers, IPA's, Pilsners, American Sours and highly carbonated drinks.

    30/70 - This mix has a high nitrogen content, creating a tight foam and much smaller bubbles. Typically used for rich, creamy drinks such as stouts, bitters and traditional beers.

    60/40 - This mix is a well rounded and balanced. It is more lively than 30/70 but smoother than CO2. Typically used for craft lagers, pale ales and ciders.

    How it works

    A one-off refundable deposit is required for the cylinder, then the empty cylinder can be returned for refills.

    For prices and to book your bottle for collection, please CLICK HERE or call us on 0191 548 4102

    Unfortunately at the moment our gas bottles and gas refills are available for collection only.

  • A Little Message from us at LDS

    With everything that's going on, we wanted to post a quick update letting our customers know that as a small family business, the well-being of our customers as well as ourselves will continue to be our number one priority.


    We can still be contacted via email if you need any further assistance.




  • Micro Matic Launch New KeyKeg Coupler

    Micro Matic KeyKeg coupler

    Micro Matic have developed a new KeyKeg dispense coupler for the KeyKeg range. The new coupler claims to be safer, quicker and more convenient to use. One of the main new features is the ability to dispense with pressure up to 4.1 bar instead of 3.5 bar.

    Main features of the new coupler:

    • Integrated degassing function
    • Integrated PRV function - 4.1 bar / 60 psi
    • Degassing empty kegs only takes 20 seconds
    • More Hygenic - no beer splash
    • No need for a special degassing tool


    To buy click HERE



  • 3 for £10 Craft Beer Selection

    We have handpicked a fantastic range of North East beers from the very best North East breweries. Pick three to try from our range for only £10.00.

    Anarchy Brew Co

    An award winning brewery offering over twenty different beers.

    Citra Star 4.1%abv - A hoppy blonde loaded with grapefruit, lemon and lime flavours. Light bodied, highly hopped with a bitter finish.

    Knuckle Dragger 8.3% abv - A combination of bitterness and sweetness featuring big tropical fruits and resinous hops.

    Blonde Star 4.1% abv - A crisp and fresh beer full of lemon, grapefruit, passion fruit and pale malt. Anarchy's biggest seller.

    Box Social Brewing

    A 6 UK Barrel Micro Brewery with a tasting room aiming to create great Artisan craft beers.

    Gentleman's Nectar 4.2% abv - Light, hoppy and refreshing brewed with American hops

    Campfire Porter 7.0% abv - Dark sweet porter with Lactose, Toasted Marshmallow, Pumphreys Coffee, Vanilla and Cocoa.

    Kaffir Lime Leaf Session IPA 4.3% abv - Bitter, crisp and super floral session IPA brewed with Kaffir Lime Leaf

    Tyger Blood Red Session IPA 5.5% abv - Deep malty red IPA dry hopped with Falconers Flight for a tropical fruit finish.

    Dog & Rabbit Brewery

    Producing true cask conditioned beers from the finest ingredients.

    Sea Dog 6.0 abv - A double dry hopped American IPA bottle conditioned - a live sediment continues to mature and develop the flavour and character. 3p per pint is donated to the RNLI Lifeboats.

    Running Dog 5.5% abv- A refreshing pale ale made with American hops, with a lovely citra finish

    Hadrian Border Brewery

    Bandwagon Dunkelweizen 4.4% abv - A brown ale utilising chocolate malt with hints of chocolate and notes of banana.

    Bandwagon Lemon Grass 4.4% abv - A robust amber beer with a satisfying citrus finish.

    Bandwagon Stout 4.3% abv - Robust and smooth with light hints of roast coffee and a touch of rye crystal spice.

    Grainger Ale 4.6% abv - Gluten free, brewed using a single malt and hopped with a selection of three varieties giving a well-balanced finish.

    Ouseburn Porter 5.2% abv - A satisfying porter using the best quality ingredients to produce a smooth, rich and dark creamy drink.

    Tyneside Blond 3.9% abv - A pale coloured thirst-quencher, using maris malt, wheat malt and an abundance of bittering and aromatic hops

    Tyneside Brown 4.7% abv - A full bodied, nutty, dark amber beer

    Mordue Brewery

    One of the most successful craft breweries of the last 20 years with a history of national beer awards.

    Allelic Drift 5.0abv - Pale golden ale featuring floral pine and citrus with a clean bitterness.

    IPA 5.1% abv - Featuring grapefruit and orange hop notes over a malt backbone.

    Northumbrian Blonde 4.0% abv - Fresh and zesty blonde ale with a hoppy lemon grapefruit aroma.

    Pandarillo Session PA 4.2% abv - Session pale featuring Amarillo and citra hops.

    Radgie Gadgie 4.8% abv - Premium strength balancing leafy hops, berry fruit and malt.

    Workie Ticket 4.5% abv - Complex with malt and hops. Champion Best Bitter award 2013.

    Tyne Bank Brewery

    Mocha Milk Stout 6.0% abv - Dark and sweet with chocolate, coffee and vanilla notes. Brewed with Daterra Bruzzi, a Brazillian coffee bean, roasted by Pumphreys of Newcastle.

    Monument Bitter 4.1% abv - A copper coloured bitter with hints of caramel and notes of berry fruits.

    Rhubarb & Custard 4.4% abv - A hazy oatmeal pale brewed with fresh Yorkshire Rhubarb.

    Silver Dollar 4.9% abv - Award winning American Pale Ale, a glowing amber colour, robust malt base and west coast American hops.

    Strawberries & Cream 3.8% abv - Refreshingly fruity, brewed with finest English strawberries.

    Wylam Brewery

    DH Table Beer 3.5% abv - Zingy, dry beer with wheat, outs and Munich malt.

    Macchiato 6.5% abv - Hazelnut praline coffee porter providing smoothness for a cold brew hazelnut coffee.

    Remember 430 5.5% abv - Citra and Mosaic swallow up the hordes into fresh pink grapefruit, tropical juiced out foreverness.

    Splatterberry 4.5% abv - Berry fruit kettle sour inoculated with Greek yoghurt then infused with splattered volumes of fresh raspberries, sour cherry and red currants.

    Swipe Right SPA 4.7% abv - Smashed juice session pale with oats and wheat with a tropical hop donor of grapefruit, pineapple and kiwi fruit pulp.

    Click here to purchase three from the range of North East craft breweries for only £10.00.


  • Craft Beer Christmas Advent Calendar

    craft beer advent calendar Christmas Craft Beer Advent Calendar

    This year we have decided to create our very own craft beer advent calendar featuring 24 fantastic beers from our local brewers here in the North East.

    Being a small family business, supporting our local businesses is very important to us and luckily the North East have some fantastic breweries who produce some of the very best craft beers on the market.

    Our selection includes bottles and cans from Anarchy Brew Co, Mordue, Wylam, Tyne Bank, Box Social and Hadrian Border Brewery. Amongst them we have a range of stouts, blondes, bitters, brown ales and many more.

    We have a limited availability, so why not grab yours and enjoy tasting some of the amazing craft beers the North East has to offer. BUY NOW.



  • Erdinger Oktoberfest London

    Erdinger is bringing their traditional German Oktoberfest to London this month, running from 5th October until 22nd October at London's Greenwich Peninsula.

    More than 250,000 pints of beer is expected to be consumed over the two and a half week run with up to 5,000 revellers at a time attending to enjoy food, drink and live entertainment.

    An open-plan wooden beer hall is currently being assembled and will be decorated with floral garlands and feature a stage to host traditional bands from Munich as well as DJs. Bavarian waitresses will also be on hand to serve customers carrying up to 10 steins of beer at a time.

    We've built the Erdinger fonts and packed up all the draught beer dispense equipment and sent on it's way to London ready to be set up for the opening night on Thursday!

    Erdinger Oktoberfest London


  • Different Types of Dispense Head

    Which type of keg coupler do I need? There are 5 different types of keg connectors / tap valves available and we have them all in stock. The coupler controls the release of the beer from a keg by attaching to the valve and CO2 line. The type of coupler you need will depend on the product you wish to dispense.


    1. Sankey

    Sankey Sankey Keg Connector

    • Commonly used for draught beer products such as Carlsberg, Fosters, Strongbow, Woodpecker, Marstons, Amstel, John Smiths, Moretti, Brooklyn, Beavertown, Wylam and Anarchy.


    2. KeyKeg

    keykeg Keykeg Coupler

    • Commonly used for draught beer products including Flying Dog, Redchurch and Hitachino.


    3. A Type

    A-type1 A-Type Keg Valve

    • Flex seal
    • Torpedo & Retainer ring
    • Commonly used for products including Guinness, Pimms, Hoegaarden, Camden, West, Timmermans and Fruli.


    4. M Type

    M-type M-System Keg Coupler

    • Flex seal
    • Torpedo NRV
    • Commonly used for draught beer such as Veltins and Schneiderweisse.


    5. G Type (Grundy)

    Grundy G-Type Keg Valve

    • Flex seal
    • Ball & Retainer
    • Commonly used for draught beer products including Budweiser, Thatchers Gold, Becks Vier, Worthington Creamflow, Fullers, Grolsch, Carling, Coors and Brewdog.


    6. D Type (American Sankey)

    D-type D Type System Keg Valve

    • Commonly used for draught beer products including Anchor Steam, Anchor Porter, Anchor Liberty, Goose Island, Founders, Fordham and Dominion.


    If you are unsure what type of keg coupler you need, please email us and we can advise accordingly.

  • Welcome to our new website...

    YEY! Our new website is finally here.

    After 3 years of "we'll get round to that one day", that "one day" has finally arrived!

    Please take a look around, we'll be adding items and packages quite frequently so be sure to add us to your favourites or sign up to our newsletter.

    In the meantime, if you can't find what your looking for, drop us a quick email as chances are we have it in our stock, we just haven't added it to the website yet!



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